Boca Raton Nursing Home Sued Twice in Two Days

Boca Raton Nursing Home Sued Twice in Two Days

Many nursing homes have been accused of neglecting and abusing patients. Getting sued once is bad enough. When a nursing home is sued twice in a matter of just two days, it is a serious issue. 

This is what happened to a nursing home in Boca Raton. Encore at Boca Raton Rehabilitation and Nursing Center faced two separate lawsuits in the same number of days for allegations of negligence, physical abuse, and mental abuse. The latest lawsuit was filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court by the family of a woman who died at the facility in April 2022.

According to the lawsuit, Encore Boca Raton had a responsibility to the defendant to provide her with her nursing home resident’s rights based on state law. These rights included adequate and appropriate healthcare and protective and support services. Under Florida Administrative Code 59A-4, the patient also had the right to be treated fairly and with dignity, without mental and physical abuse.

The lawsuit accuses the staff at Encore Boca Raton of failing to appropriately monitor the patient and recognize significant changes in her health condition. The woman was not appropriately treated for her respiratory failure, with staff failing to properly notify the victim’s doctors and family of significant changes in her health status. The nursing home staff also failed to protect the woman from foreseeable harm. In addition, the lawsuit accuses Encore Boca Raton of failing to properly supervise staff, failing to properly train staff, and not properly retaining staff. The lawsuit also accuses the nursing home of other failures, such as inadequate staffing, not protecting the woman’s dignity or privacy, failing to follow physician orders, and failing to transfer the resident to the hospital in a timely manner. 

The woman died in April 2022. The lawsuit seeks compensation in excess of $30,000, which is the statutory minimum for filing in circuit court in Palm Beach County. 

The lawsuit follows one that was filed against Encore Boca Raton just two days earlier. The staff at the facility was accused of incompetence and medical negligence after a lack of care led to critical injuries for a man. His family had to move him to a different facility after he suffered falls and wounds and was left to sit in his own excrement. 

Many more lawsuits have been filed against the nursing home over the past several years. 

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Has your loved one been neglected in their nursing home? They may not tell you directly, so here are some signs that your loved one may not be getting proper care:

  • Mobility issues. If your once-active family member has become immobile for no apparent reason, then they may be left in their rooms for longer periods of time. A good nursing home has programs to keep residents mobile and active.
  • Inadequate nutrition. Many nursing home residents suffer from malnutrition and dehydration because they are not getting adequate food or water. You can look for signs of malnutrition, such as tiredness, irritability, hair loss,  papery skin, and complaints of being cold.
  • Poor hygiene. Many elderly people need help with bathing, brushing their teeth, and other aspects of personal health care. When these tasks are not done, residents can become dirty and unhealthy.
  • Unsanitary living conditions. Nursing homes should be clean and provide clean clothing, bedding, and living areas for residents. There should be no signs of pests or mold.
  • Unexplained injuries. Understaffed nursing homes do not have enough employees to keep residents from harming themselves or others. This can lead to falls and serious injuries, such as broken bones, head trauma, and lacerations. On top of this, many nursing home injuries are not reported in a timely manner, and employees may not even know how a resident was injured.

Causes of Nursing Home Neglect

You may now know the signs of nursing home neglect, but what exactly causes it? Here are some common ways it occurs:

  • Understaffing. Most nursing homes cut corners in order to save money. They may not hire adequate staff, which means residents are not getting the attention they need. This increases the risk of neglect. 
  • Negligent hiring. This occurs when nursing homes hire staff members who have a history of elder abuse or neglect. This happens when nursing homes fail to perform background checks and do not properly screen applicants. 
  • Inadequate training. A lack of proper training is another common issue that can lead to neglect. When a worker is not trained properly, they may make mistakes with medications, mishandle elderly residents, and fail to provide residents with adequate food and water. 

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