Shooting Survivors File Negligent Security Lawsuit

CityPlace Doral’s Martini Bar is a popular entertainment spot for Floridians who enjoy food, drinks, music, and nightlife in general. However, the bar was the scene of a deadly shooting in the early morning hours of April 6. A fight broke out and the security guard was killed. Seven others were injured, including a police officer. Police stepped in and killed the gunman. 

A woman and her brother were among those injured by the gunfire. They have filed a lawsuit against CityPlace Doral, claiming negligent security. The lawsuit claims the shooting was a profound failure in security measures. They are seeking justice, claiming that the egregious case of negligent security should have never resulted in a shooting.

The main issue is that this was not a first-time event. Over the past five years, there have been more than 1,000 police calls at CityPlace. There was a shooting at CityPlace in January 2022. It started as an altercation in the Martini Bar that escalated into gunfire. The nightclub had screening measures in place but they did not follow them.

In the most recent shooting, a 37-year-old man was permitted to enter the CityPlace Doral Martini Bar with a weapon. He began shooting after an altercation. When Doral police officers arrived, the man shot an officer in the leg. Officers returned fire, killing the gunman.

The woman filing the lawsuit says her brother is still in the intensive care unit. He suffered severe injuries after being shot in the stomach. She and her brother’s lives have been changed forever due to the shooting that should have never occurred. Several other victims were critically wounded and are still recovering. The woman and her brother have filed the first lawsuit related to the shooting, but their lawyers are in touch with other victims who will likely be filing lawsuits as well.

According to CityPlace Doral, the safety of their guests is their top priority. The nightclub has put a number of additional security measures in place. They are cooperating with law enforcement. There are three active investigations underway. City of Doral Police will continue to investigate the original altercation and Miami-Dade Police is conducting a homicide investigation. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate the officer-involved shooting.

Examples of Negligent Security

Negligent security occurs when a person is injured by a crime that happens on a property, and the crime could have been prevented had there been adequate security measures in place. Negligent security can happen in many ways and may include the following:

  • Insufficient surveillance. Inadequate monitoring of premises, such as failing to install or maintain security cameras in areas prone to criminal activity, can lead to an increased risk of theft, vandalism, or other crimes.
  • Lack of security guards. While not every location needs to have a security guard on the premises, places in areas of high crime and previous criminal activity should have security guards nearby to keep crime down.
  • Poor lighting. Neglecting to maintain proper lighting in parking lots, stairwells, and other dark areas can create opportunities for criminal activities like assaults or robberies, as darkness provides cover for perpetrators.
  • Weak access control. Failure to implement effective access controls, like broken locks, malfunctioning keycard systems, or lack of security personnel to verify entry, can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive areas or information.
  • Lack of training. Inadequate training of security staff or employees on how to respond to emergencies or security threats can result in delayed or ineffective responses, exacerbating the impact of incidents.
  • Unsecured data. Failure to implement proper cybersecurity measures, such as encryption protocols, firewalls, or regular software updates, can leave sensitive data vulnerable to hacking or data breaches.
  • Neglecting maintenance. Failure to maintain physical security infrastructure, such as broken fences and malfunctioning alarm systems, can compromise the effectiveness of security measures.
  • Ignoring threat intelligence. Disregarding credible threats or failing to stay updated on local crime trends and patterns can result in a lack of preparedness and leave vulnerabilities unaddressed.
  • Unsecured entrances. Leaving doors or windows unlocked or unsecured, especially during non-business hours, can invite unauthorized access and increase the risk of burglary or intrusion.
  • Inadequate background checks. Neglecting to conduct thorough background checks on employees, contractors, or tenants can lead to hiring individuals with criminal histories or malicious intent, posing a risk to the safety and security of others.

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Nobody should expect to be a crime victim while visiting a bar, club, restaurant, or other establishment, regardless of the location or time of day. If there is a history of crime at a place of business, then there should be adequate security to keep customers safe. 

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