Three Injured When Car Goes Out of Control in Miami Gardens

Three Injured When Car Goes Out of Control in Miami Gardens

We often take our cars and trucks for granted, but the truth is that these vehicles are powerful. One wrong move can cause a vehicle to lose control, causing a serious auto accident involving other vehicles and objects.

This was recently the case in Miami Gardens. An out-of-control vehicle caused a chain-reaction crash. A woman and her two children were injured in the accident. The crash took place on the evening of January 23 on Northwest 22nd Avenue, near Northwest 162nd Street.

A car was seen going out of control in the area. It slammed into a parked SUV, which then caused a chain-reaction crash. Multiple parked vehicles were hit until the car finally stopped at a light pole that had come down.

A woman and two children were inside the out-of-control vehicle. All three were severely injured. They were airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center. There was nobody inside the other vehicles, so no other injuries were reported. 

A nearby resident heard the accident and came out to offer assistance. He approached the car and saw two blooded children, so he took off his shirt to cover them up. He said the children were unresponsive.

The accident scene included a large pole on the ground, as well as several smashed vehicles and a broken fence.

Three of the vehicles belong to one family, who is frustrated over the destroyed vehicles. They said the woman kept on driving without attempting to brake. 

Northwest 22nd Avenue was closed for some time as Florida Power and Light performed work in the area. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. The condition of the victims is currently unknown. 

What Causes Loss of Control?

A driver can lose control for many reasons. Here are some common ones to keep in mind:

  • Weather conditions. Rain makes roads slick. Too much water on the road can create puddles, which can lead to hydroplaning. Snow and ice can cause vehicles to skid off the road or into other vehicles. 
  • Adverse road conditions. Potholes, sand, and gravel can cause potholes and loss of control. 
  • Speeding. Going too fast makes it harder to control a vehicle, especially when turning or going around curves. 
  • Mechanical failures. Tire blowouts and brake failures can make it harder to slow down or stay straight. 
  • Lack of experience. Experience is the best teacher. A novice driver is more likely to lose control and be unable to regain control. 
  • Road hazards. A downed tree, animal, or debris in the road can force you to swerve to avoid it, and this can cause you to go off the road or hit someone else. 
  • Impaired driving. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can affect your driving. Intoxication can lead to decreased judgment and reaction times.
  • Fatigue. A person who is too tired can make mistakes behind the wheel. They may even fall asleep, causing a loss of control. 
  • Medical events. It is possible that a person may suffer a medical issue while behind the wheel. A driver could be choking or have a seizure or heart attack, causing them to lose control. 

Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid losing control while on the road. There are two things — oversteering and understeering — that are the most common reasons why people lose control of their vehicles. This is especially true when making turns, going around curves, and driving in poor weather. If you do begin skidding while on the road, slow down and avoid braking quickly.

Here are some other things you can do to avoid loss of control:

  • Avoid tailgating. Give other motorists plenty of space in case they have to suddenly slow down or stop.
  • Avoid distractions. Keep your eyes on the road at all times. By staying alert, you can focus on what is ahead and avoid hazards such as potholes, animals in the road, and vehicles stopped ahead.
  • Slow down. Avoid speeding, especially when the road or weather conditions are poor. 
  • Maintain your vehicle. A vehicle with new tires and well-maintained brakes will be less likely to suffer a blowout or other emergency while on the road. 
  • Properly handle a skid. If your vehicle does happen to skid, know what to do. Ease off the accelerator or brake and steer into the skid. For example, if the back of the car fishtails to the right, turn the wheel to the right as well, so you are not skidding against it. But be gentle; do not jerk the steering wheel too hard.

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